Dear Colleagues, Members of the Faculty, Staff, and Students of the Faculty of Medicine

It is a great honor and a source of pride to belong to the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University. This faculty has a monumental past, a visionary present and a glorious future.


Thanks to research carried out in a wooden hut which stood on the northern corner of the site the faculty still occupies to this day, the cause of schistosomiasis, better known as bilharziosis, was first understood in 1851.


As far as the present is concerned and besides our main task, we interact with health care programs to effectively participate in the continuous medical education of M.D. alumni through conferences, symposia and workshops at the local and national level. To ensure an ever-better future, we have managed for many decades to attract only the cream of the cream of the body of graduates of the general certificate of secondary education at the national level.


Today, with about 7480students, 2094residents, 1600 faculty members and 1500supporting staff, we send forth some highly skilled physicians 1168in 2009 with a commitment to quality and compassion in the service of their communities and the nation.

Our hospital system with a total of 3497 beds provides state of the art comprehensive health care services to residents in both of Alexandria and neighboring communities.


Our mission is to make our medical school one of the leading centers of medicine and life sciences in Egypt.

We believe that the Alexandria University should be a center of learning and education, with an emphasis on the pursuit of “academism.”

Our school has opened its doors to students from not only Egypt but also the rest of the world so they can dedicate themselves to medicine and the life sciences.


And to offer an up-to-date educational programs leading to M.D. degree as well as masters and doctoral program. In fulfilling this mission, we keep the tradition of maintaining critical research and incorporating medical advances in our system to improve prevention and treatment.


Open door is my policy and I will allocate part of my time to receive and hear opinions and comments on all aspects of our system. I therefore emphatically call on our efficient faithful members of the faculty, staff and students to do so in order to improve develop and advance our medical service system.